World Wide Network

In the world we live in today relies so heavily on social media to the point that most people connected to the internet have social media in some shape or form. Whether it be a Facebook account for staying connected with college friends, a Twitter to share cat videos, an Instagram to post endless photos of food, or a LinkedIn to hopefully find a foreseeable job for the future; social media has taken a significant role in lives of not just everyday Americans but anyone connected to the web.

To me the idea that social media became such a big thing in this new millennium is astonishing since the Web developed in probably the similar amount of time it took for social media sites to flourish. The other astonishing concept to me is that one of the first social media sites, MySpace today is irrelevant compared to Facebook which came a few years later which has exploded to become a global phenomenon.

Obviously there’s a debate whether social media has become more of a tool or nuisance in today’s day and age. But one thing for sure is that if it were to someday disappear then communication and the overall usage of the Web would change drastically.

A Whole New Web

Web 2.0 has taken a significant role in the life of not just myself, but the majority of the population around me. Just the idea that the internet with giant computers that took minutes to load content and have now transformed to being able to use the Web within seconds in the palm of our hand is something often overlooked. I myself wasn’t very aware of the concept that there was a Web 1.0 before a Web 2.0, but once you think about the huge differences there have been since the birth of the Web to now, they are astonishing.

Something that most of us fail to appreciate is the easy access to the Web that we have now, as well as its benefits like being able to use a GPS to get wherever, finding places open for food and ordering it online at 1am, or even buying things online that’ll be delivered the next day. Web 2.0 is something that has been able to give us access to the internet easier than ever before, as well as creating new connections with people around the globe thanks to Social Media platforms. Some examples that have been important in my life include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many others. But it’s hard to imagine if these one day all disappeared because they provide each of us vast connections to the people we encounter.

All in all, what we have today in the Web2.0 is something we sometimes take for granted and don’t realize how big a role it has taken in our lives. But it is something that has truly given us, a Whole new Web.