Too much of anything is bad

As the axiom usually goes, too much of anything is not good. Social media and its effects have not been undocumented. From the rise in phones in schools, to more people on phones will driving we can clearly see how social media has taken a toll on us. As a society we try to figure out different ways to connect, re-invent, and socialize, but when does enough become enough. I believe that soon social media will do more harm than good, as more people are inclined to join these new social medias.
For example, the advent of snapchat has led to more people recording the moment rather than actually enjoying it. Often times people are asked to repeat their actions for social media. When did we lose the moments where we can really just connect with the people around us and not involve our phones. It’s important to remember how this one application used to connect people has distanced many.
Lastly, many of these applications have been used for bullying and negative impacts. The important connections are now being severed for the image on social media. People must achieve the highest amount of likes to stay relevant. The whole world of competitive likes, and social status has produced a new generation where filters and comments and captions mean more than the people in the photo.

World 2.0

Web 2.0 marks the transition into a bigger corporate greed. This is seen through the fact that Web 2.0 has moved into a more secretive way to create profit.  For example, advertising has changed into a way that steals data to create these advertisements more personalized. More than that, articles have shown that these companies are getting this data and using it more malevolent way to click-bait users. This now brings me into my next segment of how cost per clicks now have replaced page views. The Web 2.0 is creating a bigger way to connect advertisements to users that would click it. For example, one user of he inter-web was viewing leather faux jackets on his laptop. His laptop had his social media website up. The next day he logged onto his phone’s social media and the advertisements for jackets appeared there. Web 2.0, or World 2.0 has the power to move cross devices.
Web 2.0 has affected my life through advertisements being more apparent. More mass media is using user interface and user participation. For example, YouTubers now create content that requires their viewers to interact through liking, sharing and commenting. These interactions are increased as YouTubers use their videos to attract viewers and bring them to different platform websites. Web 2.0 has created a World 2.0 where the internet now has become more interactive. Now normal high school students can edit scholarly articles that used to be reserved for pundits.
Web 2.0 has created a World 2.0 where now things around us are always moving, from tablet to tablet.