Exploring Change

     Exploring Change

I’ve learned that one person change can affect someone else. When me and my group walked around and asked questions to multiple people, one person would speak and then the person next to them would agree with them. When we asked one girl what made her attend Rutgers. In reply she said “Well the college I wanted to go to, I didn’t get accepted so I picked this one, but I realized that coming here was a good choice.” The girls next to her agreed and said that the same applied to them. The change of someone else choice affected the decisions of others around her, and affected them in a good way because they realized that Rutgers was a wonderful college. The fact that information change their decisions, didn’t affect them in a bad way.

Another interview that we did was we asked a girl how she changes information. She informed us that she had a blog and she would have different post on it. Lots of people would comment and say their opinion about her post. She also said that since she was a math major she would leave post on facebook about ideas and concepts that she learned so that she can help other people. This covers the side of people changing information. Not only has she changed information, her changed information influenced others for the good.


My Perception of Web 2.0

My perception of Web 2.0 affected my life for the good because without the multi-ways of communication, things around me would be alot slower and complicating. The things that were available of web 1.o didnt help me as much as 2.0. A major help from web 2.0 is Google. Without Google, it would be ten times harder for me to find resources for anything. If I was curious about about anything I would just simply Google it because to me that was the only way I could find out what I wanted to know. Google has made a huge impact on the world, and it is growing larger and larger as the years go by. Also web 2.0 is more social than web 1.0. Web 2.0 gives people a chance to blog and express themselves to whatever they want to talk about. Also websites like twitter and facebook.Something like a home page you can just kind of talk about the basics of you. Web applications are more interesting because it has a variety of different categories of intrests. Web 2.0 gives you a chance to share; broadcast yourself to the world!

Even though its a benefit to me, some components of web 2.0 affects other things for the bad. Certain websites that are doing good economically, can harm places that are outside of the web. Websites that sell things online for a reasonable price can cause other stores outside of the web to go out of business because they cant afford to pay expenses. As far as privacy of the web, it is risky. For example, people can hack into your account and invade your privacy.If your computer dont have the proper safety and you get on certain websites, they can cause your computer to have viruses. Although the web is very helpful it has its flaws.