Facebook “like” functionality

Yet another way Facebook wants to “connect” people. They are letting people “like” any website they visit to and share that with their friends. This, in a way, is micro-voting for those websites. If everyone who visits a websites expresses his/her opinion about liking/disliking that website, we have “complete” public opinion.

Of course, the truth about such democratic voting is quite different. “Like” and “Dislike” or thumbs up and down are very light-weighted voting mechanisms, but they fail to tell us anything beyond that someone cared to vote in a bi-polar fashion; it doesn’t really tell us their actual opinion. What about those who didn’t vote? Did they not like the site? We also have no way of knowing why someone liked a site if he/she did. “Liking”, thus, becomes more of a recommending function for social groups, rather than expressing a strong and credible opinion.