The Allure of Social Networks

Social Networks have changed the way individuals interact with one another and produced a more socially entangled society. Through their simple interfaces and ease of access, nearly every person with a computer or smart phone has been attracted to a social network. Facebook in particular has been effective in attracting all sorts of demographics ranging from pre-teens to grandparents to even babies (no I am not kidding you).

The success of Facebook spawned from the wishes of college students to become better acquainted with one another on a digital platform. Its demographic quickly spun off into other directions as anyone who wanted to keep in touch with peers or relatives was able to sign on to the site and see immediately posts and updates posted by other users. The attraction that Facebook had on its users was likely due to its ability to allow someone thousands of miles away to keep in touch with their friends, family and peers instantly with a mouse click. Although some demographics that Facebook retained have dissipated, it still holds onto the majority of many communities with over a billion registered users.

Infatuation With Posts

As we get closer to 2015, it is quite obvious that more and more people are upgrading to higher technology and buying better technology to stay updated with societal tech standards. Years prior to today, there were no tech standards, but today society requires you to own smartphones, laptops, tablet computers, and even wearable tech items. As more years pass, we’re getting closer to ultimate enveloping of our beings into technological worlds.  This new trend is only possible with the millions of people willing to get more involved with the new wave. If people refused to get better technology such as resorting to old technology or technology having longer shelf life, our innovation and creativity would be barred or slowed down.

Along with our new trend of infatuation with new technology, we also have a love for posts and tweets and updates. Facebook was a trend for nearly eight years but many who moved from Facebook to Twitter said that they moved because Facebook didn’t accommodate for high activity of posts. Twitter, on the other hand, is great for high activity of posts and simplicity. Twitter is great because its simplicity allows for simple posting, profiles, and favorites/retweets. Facebook, on the other hand, gets too complicated with Events, Groups, and Stickers. As our tech advances, we can all expect that our activity towards Twitter, Facebook will grow exponentially and have greater features.

The Importance of Social Media

Social Media has become a critical part of our daily interactions. It is utilized in a multitude of way: from connecting with friends to sharing ideas, social media truly is a multifaceted tool. In the fast-paced environment of the Twenty-First Century, it can be difficult to manage all of the intricacies of our day-to-day lives, and even more difficult to keep-up with the happenings of all of our friends and acquaintances. Social media effectively allows us to keep in touch with and keep us up to date with all of our friends, family, and anyone else we might know. Managing friendships is a tedious — and often burdensome — task, but social media expedites the process; friendships are preserved with the click or a button and a few keystrokes. Long, drawn-out, heartfelt conversations can now be a thing of the past, creating more room for other friendships.

Not only does social media strengthen friendships and make them easier to manage, but social media also allows us to spread our ideas. Before the advent of social media, few people had a public microphone to express their beliefs and agendas. But now, anyone can vocalize their opinions to the world. This spread of thoughts takes the persuasive power away from the elite and gives it to the masses. Now everyone can express their valuable beliefs on topics they may or may not know, and can be analyzed by everyone they know. Nothing but thought-provoking and stimulating conversation and debate can arise from this method of intellectual discussion.

It is for these reasons that social media is an important — and even key — part of today’s society. It is critical in holding civilization together.

the Many Negatives of Social Networks

At first, the affects of social networks all seem positive and important for the future of humankind. However, at further glance, social networks have many negative influences on people. The internet is nice for getting a person’s opinions out, but many people start taking it to the extreme and abuse the system by saying mean things to other, intentionally or on accident. The problem with talking to people on the internet is that it is hard to show one’s emotions. Yes, one can use emojis to try and show their feelings. However, a simple sentence can be treated as either sarcastic, realistic, mean or nice. Someone may mean one thing when they write about something, while someone else may interpret that writing in a completely different way. This is why facial expressions are so important in face-to-face talking. You cannot, or will usually choose not to, speak to others face to face on social networks. Another problem is that if something happens to a person who found a facebook message or a tweet offensive,  the person who put up that message will get in legal trouble. Even if the message is supposedly deleted by the “criminal”, there are still ways to view that message again, it is permanent.

Social networks have made people forget how to talk to people in person. This is important because no matter how long you spend next to a computer, you still need to see people face to face whether it is to make love, play games with friends, or go to the store. As mentioned before, if you want to get your emotions out, it is much easier to just talk to a person face to face. Social networks have fixed the problem of reaching people far away, but it had also made a problem with the way we talk to people physically close to us. We are now more awkward in thinking of topics to talk about, can’t express our ideas as well and have trouble meeting new people in the outside world. Social networks have only made social interactions worse.

Social Networking

Social networks are a big part of the lives of today’s generation. It’s very uncommon for people to not have some sort of social networking profile, whether it be on Facebook, Google+, or even Twitter, with good reason too. Social networking allows friends and family from all over to connect with one another conveniently and quickly, often within the click of a button. You can keep in contact with that one friend from back in kindergarten by just looking them up. It would be hard to argue against the convenience. There are, however, many negatives to all these benefits. One of the biggest issues is the fact that your personal info is in one central place, your social network profile. This information, whether you like it or not, is freely accessible to nearly everyone. If you aren’t careful about your privacy settings and the content you put out, someone who really wants to know about you can in just a search; That’s a creepy thought.

The problem of anyone having access to your data can, of course, be circumvented with the proper usage of security settings, but that only limits what is accessible by the public. The companies that run social networking sites are not bound to these rules as you allowed them to have access to your data when you signed up; It’s all in the terms of service.


The moral of all of this is that it doesn’t hurt to read the fine print and and watch what sort of personal information you put out online.

Social Networks: Good or Bad?

There is no question that social networks play a large role in society and have both negative and positive effects.  Some of the positive effects are that it brings people closer together and allows them to share their life with people.  It is especially helpful for keeping touch with friends that not are not necessarily in proximity to the user.  Through social networks friends can stay relatively in touch through social media and see what is going on in their friend’s life.  It is also easier to form relationships and meet new people online.

Even though there are a lot of positive effects of social networks there are also some very negative effects.  Social networks cause people to feel closer but in reality are not close at all.  Despite someone having 1000 friends on facebook they might not be close to them at all in person.  Not to mention people have unsaid competitions about who can get more likes on their Instagram and Facebook photos.  It causes people to very narcissistic and self important.  It brings out very selfish qualities and is a very overlooked issue with social networks.

Social Network

Social networks have become a big part of people’s lives recently. The introduction of smartphones has increased the use of social networks by allowing people to connect with others from a small device. Social networks like Facebook have helped people connect to other people across the globe. Social networks allow people to hear about the latest news from around the globe and also helps them remember their friend’s birthdays. Twitter allows people to interact with others on a certain topic by the use of hashtags. This helps people give their opinions on a topic and get their word out there.

Social networks have become a very important aspect that if you do not have one of the main social networks people are considered to be out of the loop. In high school, a big part of the school stopped using Facebook and migrated to Twitter, so everyone was using twitter and the people using Facebook were considered out of the loop since they didn’t know what was going on until they joined Twitter.

Social Networking

Social media has it’s downsides but it’s benefits help massively outweigh them. I remember when I introduced my father, who’s social life previously consisted of his children, his family and coworkers, to facebook and how his first time rediscovering all his old high school and college friends was so exciting to him. Facebook and other platforms of social media have allowed the youth of today to prevent distance from being a considerable factor in relationships and friendships from falling apart. Having been deployed overseas and stationed in 3 different states, each hundreds of miles from my home state, I’m no stranger to long distant relationships and friendships. I can honestly say that without the use of social media or online gaming or any other channels of communication and interacting, I wouldn’t still be as close to though I grew up with before I left for the service. Today’s ability to remain constantly connected has more benefits than pitfalls.

Considering my methods of communication while deployed, I used email, facebook and skype as often as I could. Anytime we hit an area in country with a wifi source, I would skype my friends and family back home for as long as possible. Being able to see familiar faces while in unfamiliar territories helped me get through a tough time in my life. Without social media, my quality of life while deployed and the strength of the friendships I established during my youth would be substantial lower than they were with these tools.

Facebook or Twitter





Do you have any apps for social network on your phone? How many do you have? How often do you visit them?

Social network takes most of time in people’s daily life. The most two popular one are Facebook and Twitter.

As  Facebook entered the market at 2004, the history of social network is changed. More and more people start creating a Facebook page and adding their friends. Users from different ages with different background decorates the Facebook by diversity. Two years later, the existence of Twitter leads social network to a higher point. Although Facebook are still dominant the social network, but many people have moved from Facebook to Twitter. And here are the reasons:

1. Away from parents. Being in the Internet is anonymous. One of the reasons that Facebook gets popular so quickly is because it creates the webs. It’s a mental thinking that they want to have all their friends in their page which helps Facebook to get popular by convincing their friends. Because of these, most teens are not able to be an anonymity.

2. Simple. As increased using of Facebook, there are more and more apps add into it. Facebook has pages for playing games, asking questions and listening to music while Twitter are much more simpler. For most of the people, they do not really use all the apps that much instead they like to read all the posts and look at the pictures. Comparing to Facebook, Twitter are much straight forward that helps it to gain its own market.

3. Able to @. @ is the symbol that Twitter uses to mention other people or friends by using the symbol with that person’s name. It encourages the interaction between people and convenient the users. Unlike Twitter, Facebook is only used by names. By using the symbol, it is easier for users to find the focus.


As today, Facebook are still one of the most important tools to reduce the barrier between people. Although, the existence of new social network will creates different attractions to increase their users, improving  is always going to be an marrow to win the battle. What do you choose, Facebook or Twitter?


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Social Network

People are and are continuing to be more and more fascinated and absorbed by social network. People check social network constantly and they are the main way for us to stay in contact with friends. Some are considered out of a social loop if they don’t have any of this social networking sites because they cannot interact with their friends that do.

People use social networking now for so many different things. It is a way to check current events with friends and even the world. So many different news stations use these sites, and also people constantly add their own opinions to these events. Opinions could be a positive or negative thing. Sometimes they add false or misleading ideas but some could be ideas you haven’t thought of and they are logical to the situation. Social network is a positive device which is being used more by different types of people all around the world.