Social Networks as a Weapon

Most teenagers currently are obsessed with social media, whether it be on a computer or smart phone. With multiple, and a growing amount, of social network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, teenagers are spending a huge amount of time constantly updating and checking these platforms. However, while social media is mostly used for communication between friends, family, or updates on celebrity lives, many people use it as a weapon as well. Some people put threats on social networks, and strangers can get one’s information much easier with people putting personal information on their profiles. If one is careful they can avoid this, but many people still are being attacked and threatened with social media, leading to social networking being both beneficial and detrimental.

With the younger generation constantly on social networks, many people have taken to cyber bullying as a way to hurt people and make them feel harmed. For example, instead of students getting in trouble for physical bullying at school, some students will personally offend others online. This has become a serious issue with the rise of social media, and is still constantly happening today. Another harm that social networks bring are threats to specific people, schools, businesses, or even general cities. For example, with the clown sightings recently, there have been multiple “clown” accounts threatening people and schools, saying that they will attack a specific institution at a specific time. Ordinary people are feeling scared and threatened due to these accounts, whether they be real or not. Another example can be ISIS threatening and showing violence on social network platforms. Some predators also use social networks to receive personal information, which can be very easy to access if one does not make their accounts private. While sharing information can lead to communication with regular people, others use this as a tool for violence and can be harmful in a much easier way.

If one is not safe and shares too much personal information on social networks, that person can be in serious danger. Many people lurk social networks waiting for people to be vulnerable to attack, and thus those people could be in serious danger. Social networks should not be a place for violence, but unfortunately some people are not safe with what they share on these platforms, and start to be in danger with others. Unfortunately, the social media companies can not necessarily change these settings to make people’s information much more private; it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that they know who they are friends with online, and how much information they share to the public. Social networks can be used as a serious tool for violence, and with the constant evolution and rise of different platforms for sharing information, one has to make sure they are extremely safe and invulnerable to attack.