GroupMe in College

In high school, I mainly used Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Snapchat to build and strengthen my social networks with my friends, teachers and family. However, when I came to Rutgers, I realized how prevalent GroupMe was. GroupMe is a mobile application that connects people by mainly group chats. After three days in Rutgers, I was already in four group chats on GroupMe, which were for classes and clubs, that I avidly use.

I used to beĀ unsure about why it is so popular in college; people could just use Facebook group chats instead. But now I realized that the reason could be because of how easy it was to create a group. For Facebook, you had to “friend” someone in order to add that person to a group. in GroupMe, all you have to do is add the contact number or search the name to add the person to the group chat. This difference in convenience is probably why GroupMe is so popular in college; when you meet so many people at once, there needs to be an easier way to contact people in groups. Compared to Facebook’s process, GroupMe’s process is simply faster.