Rapid popularization of Social Network

Since the internet have been invented, it is always hard to believe how fast did the social network spread over the world. Social Network is a relatively new word, which was first created by J. A. Barnes in 1954 and used to describe a social structure make up of social actors. As the development of the internet 2.0, people are not limited to be viewers, it is possible to post personal photos and videos, chat with others online and watch what others posted. When those were enabled, social software emerged, and in an unimaginable speed, it spread all over the country, even the whole world.20060902082325_big

I remembered the social software, which is now the most popular one in China, QQ, was created by the Tencent Company at 11/2/1999. The initial function of QQ is only real-time communication, but features such as chatrooms, games and online storage were later added. This software was first released on PC. After 2 years since the release date, the highest number of online users at the same time became 1 million. It is surprising that it can spread so fast in the age when computer was not yet popularized in China. In 2005, this number became 10 million, and in 2010, this number reached 100 million.


Through this example, it is easy to see that how fast is the speed of the spreading of social networks. While there were only about 10 million users at March, 2005, the number was tenfold at March, 2010. It shows how fast can the social network spread. It takes decades for TV and Radio to become popular, but social networks take only several years to finish the popularization.