The Internet now, referred to as Web 2.0, is focused not on just viewing information but also input and interaction between people through social networks, blogs, video websites and wikipedias. I was introduced to the Internet by my parents but I did not start to really use it until I started to receive research projects in 6th grade. At first, I only knew and used the Internet to read educational articles. Then, I started watching YouTube. That first introduced me to Web 2.0. I spent hours each day watching gameplay videos, comedy shorts and vlogs. I still do that but much less. School projects made me use wikipedias, look at news websites and read blogs. Soon I got into Facebook and I was all of a sudden emerged into the new custom of actively viewing content on the Internet.

Web 2.0 is one of the greatest ideas society came up with. The ability to interact with information and other people on the Internet is really beneficial for humanity. By seeing what other people say, one can see what is popular and what different opinions people have. The Internet has become a type of communication that has never been achieved before. It connects people all over the world through a few clicks of the mouse. People who oppose this say that Web 2.0 makes for a lot of false information. This is misleading. One can always find truthful government and universities articles. Furthermore, media has always been untruthful so saying that the Internet started this trend is untrue in itself. Web 2.0 allows me to organize parties with my friends, express to a big audience how unhappy I am with current government and share a funny video from my childhood.