The Next step (Web 2.0)

The popularity of the internet, gave billions of people the ability of accessing a wide variety of information as well as the capabilities of interacting with others who are also able to access the internet be it via computer, smartphone, gaming system, etc. People are currently running on Web 2.0, an upgraded version of Web 1.0, which allows people to interact with not just one but billions of other users using  websites such as Facebook or Reddit. Instantly people are able to share, tag, and comment on photos, videos, and ideas in a matter of seconds.  People take advantage of Web 2.0 to spread news and information about current events faster than the news on the television or on the radio. We also acquire an interactive online map which allows us to pinpoint locations and view satellite images of the world.

As a child, I only use the web to watch videos and play games but as time progress many of my friends and I began to use social networks to interact outside and inside of school. Chatting with friends on Facebook became a norm and people who didn’t have the ability to access the internet were confused in this new technological period. There are computers and Wi-Fi available at almost everywhere including stores, libraries, schools, and universities so people can have access to the web anywhere they go. As the Web continues to evolve, we find our world becoming technologically dependent on it, which makes me wonder how long can it continue to support us in satisfying our needs?