Facebook Friends(?)

Facebook.  One of many social media networks that people use now a days.  Back when it first became popular, I was very reluctant to join the crowd and create my own Facebook.  However, as time passed, I realized it was essential to group work in school since I was restricted to only 1000 texts a month.  This became the start of my social life.  As a little kid, I always kept my circle of friends small, but after joining Facebook, a lot of my classmates started adding me.  I don’t know how many of them realized I existed before this social media platform existed, but I accepted their friend requests anyway.  Why not right?  My news feed bled of updates of their daily lives, status updates and pictures that ranged from changes in relationship to hangouts with their friends.  What I realized was, I didn’t care about these things.  I was “friends” with these people now though.  I was expected to know what was going on in their lives now because everything was being blasted on Facebook.  I just didn’t understand why I had to intervene in their personal lives when I wasn’t even that close to them.  Yes, I understand that she was mean to you, but attacking her on social media won’t solve anything.   Any how, I adapted and soon joined them in their dramatic ways for a short time until I grew tired and weary of the same old things bothering the same old people.  Now my Facebook is purely used to keep in touch with my high school robotics team as well as some far away friends.  Just because we are friends on Facebook, doesn’t mean we are friends in real life.  That’s the reality of it.  A push of a button doesn’t automatically make us friends.  We need to actually talk to each other face to face first.