Our new life necessity

Personally I feel as though people today could not live without social networking. People are naturally nosy and almost always concerned with what others are doing, how they are feeling, and what plans they have made. It is strange how you will most likely never meet someone who has not made at least one social networking account. Everyone today has a phone and/or a computer and through this they have endless potentials to create social networks as well as look up others on these sites. While walking around Rutgers, you can often see people sitting down, avoiding conversation, and on some sort of social network. It has become an addiction for some. That is strange to say, but many people wake up and the first thing they do is check their phones for update o their social network account.

What I would like to add however is that social networking is not necessarily preventing us from conversation. People would once use newspapers to avoid social interactions and so today people have the potential to interact with others through a form of media without having to speak to someone sitting across from them. I do not really use social networking, so I find it odd how so many people seem to always be on their social network and constantly posting information on it about random things that most people do not even care about. But it could also seem as though some social networking allows us to be able to say things that you would not say in public as a way to relieve stress. And they could also be used to catch up with old friends that you have not seen for a long time. So although social networks might not seem so bad, it is an undoubtable fact that some people need social networking in their life.