The Simplicity of Social Networking

Every new social network seems to be a development of the previous one. Consider Myspace, which reached its highest point of success before the creation of Facebook, the site that offered a simpler interface and minor features like best friends, relationship statuses, event planning, chat features, and groups. Years after Facebook, Instagram broke the social media landscape, simplifying the dynamics of Facebook even further. Instagram offered an interface in which users may simply share snapshots of their daily life, minus the clutter of advertisements that one may find on Facebook. Snapchat took the social media landscape further, taking the concept of picture messaging and moving it to a faster, quicker interface that allowed for conversation via pictures and videos.

The development of social media truly goes to show that social media users prefer a simplified interface. Myspace required that users know html code in order to customize their profile. Meanwhile, Facebook already had the interface set up. However, Facebook’s interface was still cluttered with advertisements and fan page posts. That is why Instagram and Snapchat became so popular. Instagram and Snapchat have no advertisements with the exception of a few. Also, the dynamics of each application are straightforward. The user simply uploads a photo and that’s it! This goes to show that the success of a social media site relies on simplicity.