Applications of Social Media

One of the undervalued things about social media is its ability to teach and expose us to various viewpoints. Social media is largely unfiltered. What goes online are the raw thoughts of people from all over the world. While some are thoughtful and educated posts, others can be hard to read or watch. When sifting through those posts, I was particularly concerned about the overall state of our society. How can people think like this?

Then I remember that not everyone comes from the same background and not everyone was raised the same way I was. Social media allows me to see the raw thoughts of people from such a wide variety of backgrounds. I am not receiving the information through the mouths of news reporters, who have carefully picked scripts aimed to deliver a certain agenda. There are video hosting websites that have footage that would never make it to public television because they are too offensive. Some of those videos are less significant, but my choice to watch those videos gives me the opportunity to see firsthand what other parts of the world are like. Watching that kind of content isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s bad that those kinds of things still exist in the world. Without exposure to that kind of content, we’d be ignorant for living our lives so comfortably in America without any consideration for what’s going on in the rest of the world.