My Life with Web 2.0

Life is hard to imagine without the web and internet. Specifically, Web 2.0 reinvented how humans, including myself, interact, communicate, and entertain themselves and each other. The idea of humans being able to communicate in a matter of seconds, or being able to read a breaking news segment from their cell phones using the internet, is beyond revolutionary. Though at times some people use the internet and Web 2.0 for destructive reasons, such as hacking and malware, the modern internet offers new and evolving ways to learn, create, and entertain. For myself, the internet is one of the most important resources for connection between friends and family, news, and entertainment. Web 2.0 allows for easy access to communication, especially with the more recent development and use of social media, and does so for┬ámany other teenagers. Though I and many others may take this connection for granted, I owe Web 2.0 a lot of responsibility for educating me updated with news and other people’s lives in the world.

As an 18 year old student, I cannot fully remember a life without Web 2.0. Though I mainly used the internet and Web 2.0 for online games, as I started to grow older, it meant so much more for myself and the ones around me. With the rise of social media, I was able to keep in contact with old friends, become friendlier with new friends, be updated on celebrity, musicians, or entertainers’ lives, and express myself through many different means. Like myself, many other teenagers use Web 2.0 for the same reasons, as well as many more because the web is so large with so many different options to explore. Though some may argue that the internet, cell phones, computers, and other technologic devices are making humans less social in person, humans are still able to interact with each other and develop more skills online. My family, friends, and many other strangers, rely on Web 2.0 to fulfill access to┬áresearch, music (such as music streaming or YouTube), communication, creativity, and entertainment. It has made humans smarter, and even made some famous through creative expression on the internet. The internet and Web 2.0 has impacted me in more ways than none, as well as most people in the United States. Hopefully, Web 2.0 will continue to evolve into something that will make myself and many others even smarter, and help shape us into better humans.