The Web 2.0 and The Impact on the World and Myself

In 2015, it was recorded that 3.2 billion people are currently using the web. That’s close to¬†50% of the entire population. In 2006, there were 1 billion people and it’s widely agreed in this year the web transformed into the “web 2.0”. Websites have become more reliable, complex, and social media arrived. Today, we witness 1.7 billion people using Facebook. Google and Wikipedia are typical¬†references of daily information. Personally, I believe the web 2.0 is something extraordinary. Being able to enjoy YouTube, social media, and online games are all pleasures of mine that wouldn’t be possible without the web 2.0 and it’s advancements from the early web. Furthermore, I believe YouTube and social media have had the biggest impact on me.

Aside from google and other search engines alike, YouTube is a fascinating tool that helps me educate myself, entertain myself and communicate with others. It’s capabilities are really groundbreaking. Aside from YouTube, social media keeps me and my peers glued to the web. Facebook allows us all to interact with each other, cherish each other’s photos and it keeps us informed educationally with intellectual articles and videos. Social media has made my life better in a plethora of facets by informing, entertaining me and helping maintain my relationships with other people. Nothing has ever been so in depth like the web 2.0, and I’m thrilled to say I have the privilege of using it.