Importance of Social Networking

Social Networking today is one of the biggest methods of communication. With sites such as Facebook and Instagram, individuals can catch up with old friends and on some occasions can even make great new friends. However, making friends and connections is not the only use of social networking. In fact, it is utilized in a vast variety of ways that can be considered to be of even more importance.

In this era, if companies do not have some form of a social media account, then they would be considered defunct. Social media offers companies an easy way to market their product and keep in touch with their customers wants and needs. Additionally, social media can be used for social change campaigns. For example, I always see fliers on Facebook and Instagram trying to spur social change.

Overall, my point is that social media can be very easily considered to be on of the most important and significant facet of society today. The amount of things that social media can be used to do are immense and important to human survival.  In conclusion, social media will allow human society to advance further and further into an age with groundbreaking scientific and social advances.