Social Media’s Role in World Events

Social network is something very unique to our generation. Most of us use this digital tool every single day of our lives, but we may not understand the importance and mark it can leave every moment we use it. Social networks allow us to contact our friends and family instantaneously, while also keeping up with their lives according to viewing their posts in different forms (video, text, likes, etc.). Some of the most important things I have viewed through social media during my life was news regarding the Egyptian revolution and the horrific situation in Aleppo, Syria.

I remember being in 7th grade one Friday morning, and hearing my fellow Egyptian classmates cheering as the ‘revolution’ just occurred and Mubarak resigned. My teacher, in response,┬ádiscussed the importance of social media for this revolution. Mubarak and the government shut down the Internet, which served as an important location to protesters. Having their voice taken away from them, Twitter and Google teamed up to allow users in Egypt to leave voice messages on their phones and tweet them with a #Egypt. Through these tweets and subsequent events, the Arab Spring revolution began.

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When the crimes and destruction in Aleppo began a couple months ago, I was completely unaware to what Aleppo really was, and the impact it had on its people and history. I only learned of the situation and updates in Aleppo through using Facebook and reading articles shared and posted by friends. There was hardly any media coverage of the Aleppo situation when it first began. I only see now that it is starting to gather publicity, which is completely unfair to the innocent victims in the civil war. I hope that social media continues to educate millions of people through its articles and sources of accurate information regarding important world events.

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