Social Networks

Social networks have created a whole new online world. Not only can we communicate easier, but can also voice our opinions and feelings instantaneously. Although social networks have been around for quite some time, only recently have networks like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter really engaged people in online communication.

People have definitely used social networks to its full potential. Social networks function as means of meeting friends, long lost relatives and even spouses. It has come to my attention that the older people are, the more skeptical they are about this new mode of communication. Older generations are less willing to put their trust into an online database for connecting with people all around the world. I believe as the generations move forward, social networks will become a second nature, if they have not already been for people of my generation and younger.

On another note, social networks have an irony within. They are used to be “social” and keep in contact with your friends and family, yet people use it to avoid real life socializing. I think part of the reason why people have resorted to finding a partner through the internet has to do with people lacking the skill in real life. In addition, people no longer meet the old fashioned way like accidentally bumping into someone on the bus or train. Instead, people have lost the confidence to make eye contact with people in public places. Social networks have many helpful tools, but until people stop hiding behind their phones, this socializing problem will continue to occur.