Web 2.0: Friend or Foe?

Ever since Web 2.0 has been at our disposal, human interactions have changed as we know it. The use of features like interacting with friends, family, and even total strangers through social networks, video sharing, texting, and blogging have gradually increased in being part of our daily lives. For example, Facebook & Twitter have turned into mediums in which people send and receive information on a daily basis. Since anyone who has a computer or mobile device with access to the Internet can share information, Web 2.0 can be as harmless as it can be harmful.

Personally, Web 2.0’s services offer are a great way to facilitate our ability to send and receive vital and/or meaningless information at a quicker pace. I believe it’s features have affected me greatly in a positive way. However, it has affected my life in a negative way as well. The ability to find things like the closest shopping center, restaurant or contact a relative who’s in another country in a matter of minutes is greatly beneficial for anyone. By contrast, these same services that have allowed us to communicate instantly have made some people acquire a false sense of connection to others. This due to the fact that when one focuses on less meaningful relationships online, the relationships one fosters in the real world may weaken. Also, these social networks cause people like myself to lack focus and in turn be less productive when it comes to working.